This Christmas we're come together with our neighbors to ensure that no child in our city goes without a gift.
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In order to ensure that the recipients get their gifts on schedule, we will need everyone to drop off during the designated times at 301 Garden St in Hoboken:
Friday, December 8th from 8pm-10pm
Saturday, December 9th from 9am-1pm
Are you able to drop off your gift(s) during one of those times or designate someone else? *

Great, which would you like to adopt this Christmas? *

How many individuals would you like to adopt this Christmas? *

We are stating a limit of around $50 per individual though you may decide to purchase below or above that at your discretion.

Awesome, since you are adopting a family is there a limit on the number of individuals you can adopt? *

We ask that everyone stay to a limit of $50 per person

Would you like to volunteer with us at the Hoboken Christmas Exchange? *

Since you are unable to make the drop off times would you be interested in helping to volunteer for the event?

Thank you! You should receive an email with more information. If you'd like to adopt more or share on social media you can use the buttons below.
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